Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Wild Wild Web, YouTube & Dinosaurs

They say dinosaurs faded out when they failed to adapt to changes on the planet here. Today I see the same thing happening with the Internet and the current dinosaurs who say "I don't get the Internet". How could you not get the Internet? It's like a huge library at your grubby finger tips. You can research a lodge for a fishing trip, check out pics to see what a jaguarundi really looks like and so much more. What kid didn't stare in wonder the first time they walked into the school library, all that info and such a short a time to cram it into our small melons.

Fast forward to the video age on the web today, online video is so dominant I'm thinking about turning off my DirectTV satellite. I can get all my hunting shows now on I watch the local news channels OTA (Over The Air), you know, the old TV antenna on the roof setup except now it's a digital HDTV feed to the big screen. It's all free too once you buy the HDTV tuner box. Who needs Sat TV anymore, especially at $100+ plus a month if you get the better packages? The only real channels I'll miss is my hockey which I can now watch on the laptop too.

Oh and about those dinosaurs, I recently bumped into a couple who questioned the free videos I shot of their company youth event and posted on YouTube. A few members of this companies' board were moaning the fact my YouTube video was ranked #3 in a Google search for their event and they were talking of having me pull the video. I had a verbal go ahead to film but some of the board members were not in the loop and had some heartburn over the videos. You'd have to be a fool to turn down free Google 1st page ranking like that promoting your product, especially when the video was geared to the younger generation which this company wants to attract. The company had filmed a commercial and some other video for TV broadcast at this same event but how many teens do you see sitting in front of a TV now days? It's the computer, Ipod or cellphone mostly that I see the kids paying attention to.

The links that are created with these videos and the websites that these links are posted on are what makes the web go round. It's the glue that holds this magic all together. So much so Google ranks linkage and the traffic on those links very high in the indexing of a website. The more links you have to high traffic websites the more golden you are, literally. For the small mom & pop companies this is the edge they need to get noticed, their foot in the door of the outdoor market. With a $500 camcorder, some $100 editing software and a decent computer you can produce your own promotional videos or "how to" video blogs (Vblogs).

I guessing if you're reading this you get the Internet but how many of your family or friends don't get the wild wild web? What are their reasons?

Have you embedded lately?


Phillip said...

The world is turning... bit-by-bit. Folks are starting to recognize the benefits and power of the Web, and not just for kids anymore.

The big companies used to scoff at websites and forums, but now you'd be hard-pressed to find one that isn't online. Even Weatherby has been trying to build an online community.

You're seeing more and more of them on places like Camo-book, Facebook, and Youtube too.

I think this is a good thing. Dinosaurs will go extinct again.

Tom Sorenson said...

did you really just say that a company wanted to to pull your video from the web about their company because it ranked too high?! Wow - they don't get it at all!

Nice to find another guy that loves - we just got our show posted on there last week and we're really excited about it!