Thursday, February 25, 2010

Far Out, Heimo's Artic Refuge

Every once in awhile I stumble on to a good video and this one put the grip on me today. We've all read about ANWR (Artic National Wildlife Refuge) and how the government wants to drill for oil there but no one I know has ever been there. I know it's way the hell out in the boonies in northern Alaska,I mean way out too. This is Heimo's story about his life living in ANWR.

From the intro:

In 1980, Jimmy Carter established the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the Alaskan Interior, cutting off 19 million acres of prime boreal wilderness from the mitts of fur trappers, oil tycoons, and would-be lodge owners alike. Only six families of white settlers were grandfathered in and allowed to keep cabins in the refuge—of them, only one still stays there year-round living off the land. His name is Heimo Korth, and he is basically the Omega Man of America’s Final Frontier.

Raised in suburban Wisconsin, Heimo set off in his teens to the Alaskan Bush to pursue the Davy Crockett lifestyle in more or less the only place it was still possible. Amid numerous setbacks and misadventures, Heimo gradually learned how to master his terrain, provide for his Eskimo wife, and rear children in one of the most inhospitable environments in North America.

In this premiere edition of Far Out, we take a bush plane to the middle of nowhere, Alaska, to catch up with Heimo and his wife, Edna—now reaching their golden years. Over the course of our ten-day stay, the Korths show us everything you need to know about fur-trapping, caribou-hunting, caribou-eating, river-crossing, boredom-staving, bear-avoidance, and bear-defense to live happily over 100 miles from the nearest neighbors. Vegans, you have been warned.

Far Out video

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Trophy Mule Deer Hunt Raffle For Oregon

Trophy Mule Deer Hunt raffle for charity for Zumwalt Prairie in NE OR. $99 per ticket. Mar 31 deadline. More info at link.

Trophy Mule Deer Hunt raffle