Friday, February 20, 2009

From the email. Wolf pack takes down a moose

Every once in awhile you get an email containing something worthwhile, something that makes you just say "WOW!!". No idea who the pic owner is on this one, email said they were from a treestand in Idaho. One heck of a view this person must of had.

Growing up around St. Louis MO I saw coyotes and feral dogs pack up like this and run whitetail deer. The coyotes would try and chase the deer down to the rivers where the frozen ice was a deathtrap for any animal with slick hooves. It usually ended with the deer too weak to stand on the ice and the canines would brutally rip the deer apart while still alive.

This is nature in one of her purest acts.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Recipe For Disaster. Idjits Who Drink While Hunting.

Skipping throught the blogs yesterday I spied this waterfowl hunting in MS piece on Holly's (NorCal Cazadora's) blog that I thought would be kewl to read. About half way through the article one pic just froze me in mid thought.

The Huntress Club: Duck Hunting Sorority in the Swamp

What kind of friggin idiot takes swigs of booze while hunting and then lets someone photograph the act and publish it? What kind of hunting group lets another bring the booze into the blind? Absolutely disgraceful. What a black eye to hunters and gun owners. Shame on the Swamp Witches as they call themselves. This IS NOT the message we want to send to the public. What part of gun safety did this gal miss? Drinking while hunting is also illegal in many states and I recommend if that is the case in MS, that the state cite her goofy azz.

Does anyone sane really want someone in the blind next them who's buzzed swinging a shotgun near their head? The unsafe act is bad enough but this is prime beef for the antis who will hold this pic up and exclaim that not only are men hunters drunken slob bubbas, their women are too.

The pic caption says she's taking a swig to keep warm. This is a fallacy as alcohol DOES NOT warm up the body, it acts just the opposite by fooling people into thinking they are warmer after drinking. Add another layer if you're that dang cold. Then agin, she may have a drinking problem and as we all know, alcoholics can find a million excuses why they need a pick me up.

It's unbelievable to me that with all the hunter ed and alcohol education out there we still have idiots like this endangering others in the field. The sad part is these fools usually don't off themselves, they shoot the poor SOB next to them. Then we get the lame "I'm so sorry" that is supposed to somehow mend the maimed or dead hunter.

Don't be afraid to speak up when one of these oxygen stealers shows up to your hunt. I flat out ask them to leave, even if that means they drive 300 miles back home. If it's not my hunt I simply ask the booze be put up until the guns are cased. If my request is not honored I ruck up and move on. I'm not going to suffer, or watch someone else suffer, due to this stupidity.

And just for the record, I enjoy my bourbon after a long day humpin' the hills and swamps, I just make sure all the guns are up first.

Guns and alcohol simply don't mix, it's a disaster just waiting to happen. I don't know many folks who could endure the guilt they would carry if they shot someone while drinking on a hunt.