Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Deal's A Deal,,,,, Right?

I saw this issue many moons ago posted on one of the turkey hunting forums. A woman who had just lost her husband was having a yard sale and was selling a high dollar turkey call from a well know callmaker for $10. The call was worth several hundred. The person had bought the call and never mentioned the ridiculously low price to the lady. It was obvious he had taken her pretty bad. Several members called the call buyer out and asked why he hadn't let the poor woman know about her mistake. She obviously needed the money as she was on fixed income and had no real way to judge the value of the call. This was before most folks were on the Internet.

The buyer mentioned the seller should have done her homework and a "deal was a deal." He claimed he was under no obligation to let her know of the value before he paid for the call. Granted the seller needs to make sure they are asking a fair price but in this case the elderly lady had just lost her husband and was in dire straits.

Should we be that uncaring in that we can nick someone when they do not have their normal wits about them? Is a deal a deal no matter what? Is there any wiggle room for special cicrumstances or do we cast out those who break a deal. How was it in the movie Thunderdome, "Bust a deal,,, face the wheel?"

What say ye? Every been in on a deal like this or had someone welch on a deal after they realized they had listed the selling price wrong. How did you work it out? Did it leave a bad taste in your mouth?

Say, how much you want for that pistol on your belt there?

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NorCal Cazadora said...

Funny, I really do believe in capitalism and profit, but I'm not very good at it. If I saw something like that at a yard sale with a stupid low price on it, I'd probably speak up. Especially if the seller was a recent widow. If someone took advantage of my mom like that after my dad died, I'd rip him a new one.