Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tactical2Practical Stuntwoman Shoot Piru CA

Part 2 of this video series has the famous Cowboy Action Shooter "Tequila" covering the .38 single action pistol and pump shotgun used in CAS (Cowboy Action Shooting).

Tactical2Practical was a Stuntwomen's Association Of Motion Pictures shooting seminar held in November 2004 at the ISI range in Piru CA. All types of weaponry, from handguns to full auto machine guns to antique cowboy rifles are taught, as well as police, SWAT, and military tactics. The seminar is taught by world and national champion competition shooters, elite police and military trainers, as well as Olympic gold medalists.

The seminar is by invitation only to elite members of the stunt community.

More info about the Stuntwomen's Association Of Motion Pictures

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Part 3

More CAS single action pistol, lever action rifle and shotgun.

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