Sunday, July 27, 2008

SLAP CRAZY Award for this week

Every once in awhile I bump into someone who's wired just a bit different. What mortals quake in fear over these folks wade in with a goofy smile on their face. "They just ain't right", as one buddy describes them.

This week's award goes to this fella down in Louisiana doing hog depredation in a flooded rice field. He was new to the game and started out with a rifle and somehow ended up using a Cold Steel spear at night in close quarters. Did I mention he goes in barefoot? Wielding a spear is also tricky in that if you miss a vital spot you're holding on to one pissed off pig that is within easy striking distance.

All this in the dark in high grass so you can't see squat until you're on it. That takes some sand.


NorCal Cazadora said...


Hunting at night?

Drowning your prey?

Taking more hogs than you can eat in a year?

Slap crazy indeed!

Jesse's Hunting & Outdoors said...

It's a depredation hunt Holly. He's was asked by his brother to protect his rice crop.