Monday, June 2, 2008

JHO Ham Slam Tejon Ranch CA May 2008 Part 2

This is our annual Ham Slam at the beautiful Tejon Ranch near Lebec CA, 1 hour north of Los Angeles CA.

29 hunters this go round with 20 taking hogs with gun and bow.

This video has Cody's hog, climbing up Specmisser ridge behind Petunia. Bob's (hronk's) pig. Glassing up a hog for Scott (grwhthunter). Jesse's (ozzstriker22's) pig. Wild oats.

We have hunts at Tejon several times a year so if you would like to attend or learn more about hog hunting please check in at out Hog Hunting Forum here

More info on the Tejon Ranch here

Camcorder was Canon GL-2 with Century Optics 2x tele lens for long shots. Bogen 3130 tripod.

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