Sunday, June 8, 2008

Big Trouble On The River

I had a Valley Pocket Gopher move in and start tearing up the front yard. At first I thought I was up against a ground squirrel having never dealt with pocket gophers before. We had moles in our yard back in Missouri and we just flipped them out with a shovel when we saw them pushing up a tunnel. This gopher was a whole new prey for me. Gassing and waterboarding didn't work at first so we had to escalate the applied physics.

Watch my travails in the video to see who wins out and if the house survived.

Ain't much to speak of for a pelt to count coup, his hide didn't even cover my spear tip.


Tom Sorenson said...

That's great! Just cruised over from Phillip's Hog Blog.

This brought back the memories of my childhood - I used to trap gophers for several of the local farmers as well as my's how I made my spending money till I was 17!

Jesse's Hunting & Outdoors said...

How much did you get for a gopher Tom?

This little guy was quite a digger for being so small.