Sunday, June 1, 2008

JHO Ham Slam Hog Hunt At Tejon Ranch CA

Got part 1 of the JHO Tejon Ranch Ham Slam video done. It was a cold winter like hunt. Deepest/longest haul would go to Speckmisser or Rancho that I saw. Saul (bodega) gets honorable mention for his recovery.

I missed getting any kills on the tape. Got Scott (grtwhthntr) sneaking on some bedded and feeding hogs coming in part 2

Really missed going on the hunt with gnn961 and huntsndives Friday. They had the classic here comes hogs, gun jams story. By the time I got to Bear Trap after check in everyone had tore out for the ridges. Just a big dust trail up the mtn. This video has some blowed up hearts, 7mm Barnes bullet recovery by the Ammo Doctor hisself, Rancho Loco and more. No vehicles over that I know of, at least no ones admitting to any rollovers and all the roofs looked in good shape when I left.

No snakes, no ticks, no poison oak yet discovered so it was a good hunt. I still curse those that entice us fat guys down over the lip on the ridges into those hell holes, I could hardly walk today. Dayum thighs muscles are locking up bad. Downhills are the worst.

Missed the usual carne asada lunch at Los Pinos at the top of the Vine. Someone snuck out I hear and went.

Part 1 comin up

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