Monday, September 12, 2011

Top 10 Missed Dove Excuses

Top 10 missed dove excuses

10 - stupid bug landed on my glasses right as I yanked the trigger

9 - dang ground squirrel holes, I lost my footing

8 - Was that a dove mixed in with them tweety birds? I wasn't sure so I pulled up

7- Crappy import shells, that's the third one with a bad primer

6 - Must of bent my barrel in that fall back there

5- Dayum brother in law, his reloads suck

4- I was sweeping just fine, the dove just stopped flying

3 - Shouldn't have et that PBJ, got jelly all over my trigger finger

2 - Didn't you hear that rattler buzzing? It puckered me up so bad I yanked it way right.

1 - I hate new guns, never can find the safety on em.

Got anymore you've heard?

Wut ya got?

Shot of the gang at Cibola Sportsman's Club in Cibola AZ. It was a good opener this year. Limits by 8am and everyone safe back at camp for a float down the Colorado River to cool off.

How's your dove season so far?

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