Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bad Day For A Mr. Muley in Mexico

Just WOW!! video of a big cat taking down a big muley in Mexico. Reminds me of the pic I saw years ago from a CA DFG biologist in northern CA that showed some fresh racing stripes on a big bucks backs. The racing strips were from where it appeared a cougar had jumped on this buck's back and the buck tore off and threw the cat off leaving the scrape marks in the hide all the way down to flesh from the cat's claws.

Bad motorscooters in my book. The way the cat constricts the deer and wears him out is like what a boa constrictor and wrestler do to their opponents. To me the buck doesn't seen to fight that hard or use them nice pointy antlers he's sporting. This was shot during the rut so the cat may have caught this buck when he was zapped from all his carousing.

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Theresa said...

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