Friday, June 11, 2010

One Lucky Cat & One Unlucky Cat

Some of us were just discussing bowhunters not being able to carry a pistola (CCW) while bowhunting in CA per DFG Code. One of the reasons many of us want to be able to carry a pistol is the chance of an attack by a bear or cougar. While the chances of one being jumped by these critters is remote you're much better off with a gun than a bow. The dude in the story below is lucky to be alive, he broke and tried to out run the cat. Major no no, running just triggers a cat's predatory response. It's one reason some call mountains bikers "Meals on wheels".

What really made me a believer in letting bowhunters be armed was my buddy Pete getting stalked and almost et by a cougar at Fort Hunter Liggett (FHL) a couple years back. He was able to knock an arrow but who knows if he would have even got that shot off had the cat not broke off the attack. The other problem Pete had was his jacket was stuffed in his quiver when he encountered the cat and reloading would have been tough. I'll take my chances with a pistol over a bow any day.

Pete near FHL the day before the cat encounter.

Another close encounter I've had with a big cat was 3 of us bumped into a cougar near Lake Henshaw CA a year ago while turkey hunting. That cat started to stalk the father I was with and finally broke off that attack when the father broke off a large tree limb and threw it at the cat. The father was also unarmed and regretted that decision later.

DFG should amend that reg to let bowhunters carry pistols for self protection.

We can't all have a miracle bumper slide up our sleeves.

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