Monday, May 17, 2010

JHO At Fort Hunter Liggett Tule Elk Hunt 31 Dec 2009

This video is of our trip to Fort Hunter Liggett last New Year's Eve. I went to hog hunt but the hogs had other plans that didn't include me. This also was the weekend the lucky CA Tule elk tag holders were chasing the elk around the fort.

At the end of this video is an amazing find in one elk, a complete, almost perfect copper slug lodged up against the spine. The skinners found the Federal Premium Barnes Expander Tipped copper slug as they were sawing the the main elk body in half. The slug was complete with even the little blue plastic tip still on the nose of the slug.

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NorCal Cazadora said...

Dang, that is not good news about the Barnes bullet. I'm blown away, though, to see that anyone recovered their bullets - mine always go straight through.

Phillip said...

Any info on the range of that shot with the un-expanded Federal?

I've heard a fair number of guys complain about the performance of those slugs at longer ranges. Personally, I never believed in the shotgun slug as a 100+ yard round in the first place, and that seems to be a recurrent problem when the guys are trying to push the round out past 100.

Jesses Hunting And Outdoors said...

Hmmm Phil and Holly, I know I asked about the range but I'm not recalling what the hunter told me. I know he said the bull dropped like a sack of taters. Let me see if I can get a hold of one of his friends that was there to confirm the range. I want to say it was a 100+ yard shot since most of the elk taken in the video were at a good piece when shot.