Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Done Got Turkey Slobbered

I finally got some free time so I went out on some public land Sunday morning for some turkey bird hunting. Birds were tearing it up but since I saw another hunter's truck nearby and didn't know where he was at I decided to go out on the pond levee where I had a good view of the hillside and let him have the honey hole.

Well anyways I went out and set up next to the levee and was listening to a bird and figured the other hunter was on it so I just sat back and listened to the show. The bird flew down and started coming my way and no boom.


Pretty soon he was triple gobbling and walking my direction. He got about 100 yards out and was coming straight at me and I'm thinking this bird is going to commit hari kari. Then at 75 yards that darn little light bulb went off inside my head and said if he keeps coming the same way he is gonna be right on top of me.

I tried to ignore it but at 50 yards I laid my shotgun off to the side and a hasty ambush plan was in the works. I started hunkering down, the closer he got to the levee the more I just inched backwards on my side of the levee toward some cover. When I couldn't see him any more but could hear him walking in the leaves I got in my crouched position, pulled my hat down and got ready for the fun.

When his head popped into view about twelve inches away I made my leap from my hide.

It's just a blur now, but remember thinking "I got him" as we rolled down the other side of the levee as we were having some fun. Sometimes he was on top, sometimes I was. There was lot of squawking and wing flopping on his end and some some grunting and cussin' on my end. As we rolled to a stop in the grass he ended up on top and I lost my grip and he was gone.

I swear I watched him run at least a quarter of a mile and he was looking back at me the whole time laughing.

That's why I turkey hunt, for excitement and because if you ain't never been turkey slobbered you don't know what your missing.