Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Honest Officer, It's Legal to Hunt and Shoot Here

The last thing I need is to stop a hunt or target shoot to haggle with the gendarmes over the tangled morass we know as the county shooting regulations in SoCal. We have NF, BLM, DFG, county, city and private land that have different regulations covering target shooting and hunting. San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties both published an official county shoot map years ago but they are so outdated they are useless today. The only way to stay legal is to have current maps at your fingertips and has filled that huge void.

Netcomp, the company that makes the maps, is based out of Colton CA and owned by Ken who's a hunter. Ken had the same desire as most of us who wanted to stay legal when hunting or shooting. These maps are a godsend since may sheriffs and law enforcement personnel do not know the boundaries or regulations.

I recently stopped by for a peek at the latest editions of the maps. That's what really cook about these maps, Ken is constantly updating the maps when new regulations or boundaries are announced by government departments. The BLM just recently had some major changes in their land boundaries and the new Netcomp map edition has those changes already. What timely service.

I also got a peek at a Verizon Smart Phone running the maps on it. Too slick. You just start the application, the map overview comes up and you tap the screen to zoom into where you want. The regs for the area you are looking at pop up on the screen for instant knowledge of what is legal to shoot, say a rifle & shotgun zone or a no shoot zone. Netcomp also has CD software so you can run the maps on your computer.

The maps are so popular they were swiping them off our table at our booth at the recent Fred Hall Show in Long Beach.

Run, don't walk to Netcomp now and get your maps ordered. A trespassing ticket, even if you're found innocent, is going to cost you a day off from work to fight and win. You also don't have to stop your hunt and leave, just show the cop where you are and you should be left alone to finish your hunt or target shooting. I recently had Riverside Sheriff contact me while crow hunting and my map allowed me to show them I was perfectly legal doing what I was there. I also recommend you carry the DFG regs if any questions arise about hunting regulations.

I can't thank Ken and Netcomp enough.

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