Friday, November 14, 2008

Well, Hello Kitty.

I was deer hunting down San Diego way recently and spied this bobcat sneaking along the far open hillside. I squeaked out a couple "kisses of death" and the bobcat came up so close I finally had to put the camcorder down and shoo it away before it pounced on me.

I lost the creeping cat in the small camera viewfinder and had to pull my head off the camera to make sure where it went, I didn't want any surprises that included fangs and claws. The bobcat was actually stalking some California Valley quail in front of me in the chaparral. At one point he snuck right up to the bush the quail were in and flushed 2 of them. His leap and paw swipe are not on the video dad gummit, that shot must have come when I was wobbling the camera around trying to find the cat. That's probably why the cat isn't real interested in my squeaking, he wants a quail cheeseburger and I'm almost annoying him.

I didn't take a shot because the .300 winmag in my lap would have made a mess of the pelt. Time to get a combo gun maybe. A good western cat hide is bringing near $400 last time I checked.

Camcorder was a Canon GL-2.


Tom Sorenson said...

Awesome! I've been predator hunting afew times this year...haven't seen a bobcat, yet. $400 makes me want to see several, though! Man - that's crazy! Coyote pelt worth anything these days? Likely not, I'd guess.

By the way - nice choice on cameras - we use the GL2 as well...and love it.

Josh said...

I saw three bobcats in two days last time I visited Ventana Wilderness. It's amazing how such a smallish animal can get ya' kinda anxious, eh?
110 yards out, they are beautiful and almost exotic; inside fifty yards, they are kinda scary; inside 20-15 yards, and some pretty frightening images come to mind, like game cam footage I've seen of a bobcat taking down a full-grown whitetail doe.

Great footage, too!