Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hog Hunting At The Earthquake Capital Of The World

This was a hog hunt at RNJ Wild Hog Hunts near Coalinga CA Sept 26-27 2008 with Rick (Westy), Eric (cahntr) and his dad Jim. Eric bought the pig hunt for his dad as a birthday present. How cool is that?

Temps were in the mids 90s which made for late evening and early morning hunts. We spotted a big boar Friday night but he got over a ridge before we could cut him off. Saturday after a morning hunt and siesta the other 3 and Randy the guide took off without their cameraman to check a close waterhole. They ran into a good group of hogs and ended up with 2 meat sows weighing about 140 lbs each.

Oh well, Rick got his new nickname "Dryfire" out of the debacle of him trying to kill a pig, AGAIN. It may have been a good thing the cameraman wasn't there to document his misses, scope on 10x for a 40 yard shot, dryfires, short stroking of rounds etc. The group said Rick was shaking like a hound passing a peach pit trying to hammer that pig. The Rookie Jim did just fine though.

Sunday we hit the world famous Parkfield Cafe in Parkfield CA for a tasty tri-tip sandwich lunch. Parkfield is the Earthquake Capital Of The World. "Be Here When It Happens!" is their motto. Well, we were there and it didn't happen. They also have a huge sign inside that says "If you feel a shake or quake, get under your table and eat your steak."

Camcorder was a Canon GL-2

Huge thanks to Randy Mapel of RNJ Wild Hog Hunts. Randy worked his butt of to get us on hogs and then skinned them out to boot. More info on RNJ Wild Hog Hunts at

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Tom Sorenson said...

Nice! Looks like someone's gonna have some serious pig feasts. Those are some very nice blacktails in that shed, too. Impressive.